Welcome to the OpenV2G project
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The objective to start this project is primarily to support the ISO and IEC standardisation process to specify the so called "Vehicle 2 Grid Comunication Interface" (V2G CI) which will become in the future the ISO IEC 15118 specification. We believe that an open source project serves best the need to evaluate the technology under specification, to verify the specified messages, their functionality and thus to enable a stable specification. With these objectives we hope that the project is of help for the ISO/TC 22/SC 3/JWG 1 in their specification work.

Furthermore, the project provides a reference implementation of the DC specific communication between battery electric vehicles (BEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and the Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) followed by the DIN 70121 standard. The DIN 70121 is a subset of the ISO/IEC 15118 DIS status which involves only the DC EIM message set.

The implementation was made possible by the support of Siemens Corporate Technology.


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